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Childhood memories built around stories, personal anecdotes, family incidents, grandparents’ narratives, have shaped our sense of self and reality because they touched us emotionally. Millions of children in India don’t have access to books that are based on the world children see around them. We, at Delta Right Advisors, recognizing this necessity, have created a repertoire of storybooks for children, that are rooted in our context and beautifully illustrated. Our books are available in various formats and languages. Please find enclosed our catalogue and some of our select favourites. For queries and supporting children with these books, please write to us at

Books available in A4 and A5 in English, Hindi and Assamese

Shabana ka Angutha A4 Hindi.jpg
Binkis and the rain A4 Hindi.jpg
Veggie Land Story - A4 Hindi.jpg


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