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Women's Safety Accelerator Fund (WSAF) is focused on creating awareness and impact with regard to gender based violence. It aims to use innovative results-based and robust outcome monitoring and evaluation framework with an evidence-based focus, that will enable the Fund to replicate and scale this model in tea and other regions and sectors.

Delta Right Advisors has been one of the implementing partners for WSAF.  Delta Right Advisors has been associated with this program since 2022, working across 29 tea gardens in several districts of Assam.

Bachpan ki Railgaadi

The ‘Bachpan ki Railgaadi’ program is in collaboration between Delta Right Advisors (DRA) and Plan India. 

Considering the closure of Anganwadi Centres and loss of learning in the current pandemic situation, the role of parents and caregivers in home-based learning has become paramount. For this, figuring out new ways to deliver early learning opportunities to young children, building their social-emotional skills, preparing for and responding to learning crises assumes much importance. This offers an innovative way to provide learning opportunities to children and engage parents to promote home-based learning. This program is aimed at supporting the current preschool programs run by private and government institutions by greater parental  awareness and engagement.

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